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Van Shield South

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In plain English, VAN SHIELD is a must for anyone in the business of delivering fish, poultry, meats, dairy products, chemicals, foods, pickles and relish, produce, plants and flowers, catering services, diaper services, animal pickup: any cargo that will spill or leave debris to corrode the van body, making it spill or leave debris to corrode the van body, making it unsanitary or foul-smelling, or that requires refrigeration.

Vanshield South


  • In VAN SHIELD, there’s no place for debris to collect, no posts, no seams, no corners.
  • The VAN SHIELD surface is non-porous and not subject to corrosion. Caustic or odorous matters won’t sink in.
  • Smooth and snagfree, VAN SHIELD is remarkably easy to clean. Simply hose or steam clean VAN SHIELD, even use strong disinfectants.
  • Has a drain molded into the floor to further simplify cleaning.

Vanshield South


Your vans will last longer and bring in greater resale value. Plus, you’ll be operating with reduced downtime because VAN SHIELD protects your van from costly corrosion and is so easy to maintain.

It’s ideal for small or local delivery businesses that uses any length or height sprinter van. And VAN SHIELD is U.S.D.A. approved.

VAN SHIELD is an affordable, quality accessory that will reflect on the way you run your business. Your cargo area will be sanitary, handsome, and new-looking for many years to come.

VAN SHIELD has a tough resin-coating finish that’s color-impregnated so nicks and scratches don’t show up. Unlike paint, it will never flake, chip, or peel. VAN SHIELD is easy to repair, too. Should damage every happen to occur, it will occur only at the point of impact and can be easily patched to look as good as new.

An extra bonus to those In the business of transporting perishables: VAN SHIELD’s plywood has a naturally high insulation value, higher than aluminum or steel. This is ideal for temperature sensitive cargoes that don’t require refrigeration on the short run. When you require refrigeration, there’s an Insulated VAN SHIELD for you, too.

The most extraordinary feature of VAN SHIELD is that each and every one is custom-molded to fit your van and hauling requirements. Depending upon the nature of the material you are transporting, choose among a partial full or full-insulated lining.

Vanshield South